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Our community presentations are meant to help families understand, scientifically and emotionally, what is happening in their bodies as a teen.  Our Sex Education presentation will develop skills to help maintain healthy relationships, ways to create a conversation action plan on specific sexuality topics and identify what our kids are seeing in regard to sexuality.

This program will:

  • Describe why youth are vulnerable decision makers due to brain development
  • Identify what youth are seeing in regards to sexuality, including current research, trends, and barriers to healthy choices
  • Develop skills on how to manage a healthy relationship and conversations around sexuality.
  • Create a conversation action plan on specific sexuality topics
  • Identify resources for healthy conversations about sexuality

Why prevention?  Kids are bombarded with thousands of peer and media messages daily. They need social-emotional skills and scientific information they can trust to inform their decision making. Studies show that youth are more influenced by their families than any other source. You may not think they’re listening, but they are.

What can RCC do to help families? Community programs are an important component of comprehensive health education. Educators can provide students with tools and information, but the conversation must continue at home and in communities to reinforce positive messaging and put information in the context of a family’s own values and expectations.

Why RCC? The nation’s oldest health education center and a well-known Chicago-area resource for primary prevention has been an innovator in health education since 1974. RCC teaches students and families how to avoid risk-taking behaviors common in adolescence. Our educators are experts in the health education field and know how to create a comfortable environment for meaningful conversation.

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