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Body Trek LIVES!! We've been able to modify our popular one week journey of exploration for students entering grades 5-8 into an ONLINE camp. Students will experience essentially all of the activities that have been planned only virtually! Some of the highlights:

  • Interactive Games - Learn about the organs and body systems through interactive health scenarios and games.
  • Dissections - You can either participate in dissections of a cow eye, cow heart, sheep brain, bullfrog and fetal pig or watch as one of our professionals does some fancy camera work to provide students with an engaging observation experience.
  • Special Guest Visits - We will be hosting discussions with healthcare professionals and campers will have the opportunity to interact and ask questions.
  • Activities & Experiments - We'll provide campers some fun and engaging experiments that can be done after the camp each day.

2021 Schedule:

  • June 28-July 2 from 12pm - 2pm
  • July 12-16 from 12pm - 2pm

$200/week (includes individual dissection kits)
$150/week (dissections will be viewed via Zoom)

Who should attend:
Many students are interested in a career in the nursing, medical or science fields; others are looking for a one-of-a-kind camp experience. All are encouraged to take the voyage through Body Trek.

The Educators: Body Trek is taught by the Candor Health Education’s team of educators, a dedicated group of dynamic professionals, comprised of doctors, nurses, teachers and curriculum & technology specialists.

Educational Standards: Body Trek meets numerous CDC National Health Education Standards and ISBE learning standards.

For more information, please contact Lance Williams at

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