School Program Overviews for Parents

Parent Overviews give parents/caregivers an opportunity to preview the class their child may be participating in to gain insight to what exactly is taught.  Parent Overviews are 60 minutes long and provide parents/caregiver with all the visuals that are included in the specified program, program specific information, take-home talking points and an open Q&A.

Parent Overview Learning Outcomes:

Parents/caregivers will be able to…

  1. Describe the content and instruction used in the specified Robert Crown program.
  2. Recognize an understanding of their role in having healthy discussions with their child.
  3. Identify skills to engage in healthy conversations with their child to encourage comfort, knowledge and decision-making skills as they navigate through adolescence.


Recorded Webinar: $100
Live Webinar:
On-Site Presentation:
$250 per program

Sex Education


Puberty Education

We have two puberty education programs, Puberty I-Understanding Changes and Puberty II-Navigating Changes.  They compare the female and male reproductive anatomy and introduces the physiological changes that occur during adolescence.

Parents/caregivers will be able to:

-Identify changes that are common during puberty.

-Identify and explain two changes that happen only with the male reproductive system.

-Identify and explain one change that happen only with the female reproductive system.

-Explain ways to manage changes that happen during puberty.

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Life Begins

Life Begins teaches reproductive science, beginning with the development of the reproductive organs and continuing through fertilization, implantation, gestation and delivery.

Parents/caregivers will be able to:

-List changes that happen during puberty

-Describe how puberty prepares human bodies for the potential to reproduce

-Identify the parts and functions of the human reproductive system

-Define fertilization


Teen Sexual Health

This science-based health program provides students with straightforward information about sexuality and its risks, including teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Parents/caregivers will be able to:

-Define sexual intercourse and its relationship to human reproduction.

-Define sexually transmitted infections and identify how they are and are not transmitted.

-Identify ways to reduce and prevent unplanned pregnancies and STI transmission.

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Drug Education

Science Behind Drugs

 Science Behind Drugs teaches skills for living substance-free in the face of an ever changing range of mental, physical and social pressures.

Parents/caregivers will be able to:

-Differentiate between use and abuse of the most common drugs.

-Identify reasons why people abuse drugs and how it can lead to addiction.

-Explain how drugs affect the brain.

-Demonstrate refusal skills.

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