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Puberty is Starting Earlier – Kids Need the Facts Earlier Too

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For nearly fifty years, schools have turned to Candor Health Education (formerly The Robert Crown Center for Health Education) to educate their students on puberty and sex education.  For decades, the vast majority of schools have selected 5th grade as the year for puberty education, with many schools waiting until the very end of 5th grade to […]

Lesser-Known Facts about Sex Education

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Learning about our bodies and how they work is important. Learning how to take care of our bodies is no less important. Whether it is staying active, watching what we eat, cleaning our teeth, finding a way to destress, or any other important health routine, we learn how to be our healthiest – physically, emotionally, […]

What Are We Teaching Young People About Alcohol?

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Young people are inundated with messages about alcohol.  Research says that annually young people are exposed to over 1,000 advertisements for alcohol, not including references to alcohol in the songs they are listening to, or alcohol-related content in the shows they are watching. One message about alcohol that is coming through loud and clear to […]

Helping Your Kids Manage Stress

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Stress is the body’s response to the challenges around us.  While some stress can be beneficial, long-term stress can cause many problems and have significant short- and long-term consequences on physical and emotional health. For adolescents, the physical response to stress kicks in a lot more quickly as the part of their brain that can […]

Healthy Does Not Hurt: Teen Dating Violence and Prevention


Teen dating violence (TDV) is defined as “a pattern of abuse or threat of abuse against teenage partners.” Teen dating violence occurs with sobering prevalence, effecting 1.5 million high school students each year. Female and LGBTQ+ students are more likely to experience dating abuse and/or violence than their male, cis-gendered peers. TDV is considered an […]

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