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Helping Your Kids Manage Stress

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Stress is the body’s response to the challenges around us.  While some stress can be beneficial, long-term stress can cause many problems and have significant short- and long-term consequences on physical and emotional health. For adolescents, the physical response to stress kicks in a lot more quickly as the part of their brain that can […]

Healthy Does Not Hurt: Teen Dating Violence and Prevention


Teen dating violence (TDV) is defined as “a pattern of abuse or threat of abuse against teenage partners.” Teen dating violence occurs with sobering prevalence, effecting 1.5 million high school students each year. Female and LGBTQ+ students are more likely to experience dating abuse and/or violence than their male, cis-gendered peers. TDV is considered an […]

Reflecting on the Past Year


We’re a few weeks out from the new year, and with a new year typically comes a chance to reflect – as individuals and as an organization. While every year comes with its challenges, 2022 has also left Candor Health Education with a lot to be proud of (as you’ll read below), and we wanted […]

Part 2: What to Know If You’ve Been Ghosted

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Ghosting, completely cutting off contact with someone without any warning or explanation, may seem to be the modern way people leave relationships these days but ghosting has always been around. What may be different now is that everyone seems to be doing it often with the justification that since someone did it to me, it […]

What To Know Before You Ghost

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The title of this article might prompt the reader to think it would have been more appropriate for the Halloween season but the timing of it is actually more apt in this current season of good will toward all and making resolutions for the better. The topic is humans and the relationships we create with […]

Informed Decisions


As both a Health Educator and a parent of school aged children myself, I often find myself getting questions or in conversation with friends, family and fellow parents about what we teach, how we answer certain questions, why we talk about certain topics in our programs and if they are age appropriate.  One of these […]

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