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Informed Decisions


As both a Health Educator and a parent of school aged children myself, I often find myself getting questions or in conversation with friends, family and fellow parents about what we teach, how we answer certain questions, why we talk about certain topics in our programs and if they are age appropriate.  One of these […]

No Still Means No


The argument for going beyond this phrase to teach consent as a life skill to empower and protect our kids I wish teaching our children consent were in fact as simple as teaching them to freely say ‘No’ while also teaching them to respect someone saying ‘No’ to them. While there is still great value […]

September is Sexual Health Awareness Month

Multi ethnic college students on campus together

September is our favorite month here at Candor. It’s the month school begins, and our programs start back up; it’s the month of our annual fundraiser; and most importantly, it’s Sexual Health Awareness Month – our specialty!   For nearly 50 years, we have been providing puberty & sex education programs to students, and we want […]

Healthy Habits for Healthy Brains

kids jumping siloutte-1296×729

Habits can make or break us. Cambridge Dictionary defines a habit as “something that you do often and regularly, sometimes without knowing that you are doing it.”[1] Good habits set us down the path of success in all parts of life, while bad habits can take years (even decades) to break. As the school year […]

Vaping Regulation: Good Start, but is it Enough?

Vaping Flavors-1500×1000

Recently, the FDA has banned the JUUL device and four types of JUUL pods. What is the impact for young people and vaping? It’s a start but unfortunately more needs to be done. Vaping for teens exploded in popularity in 2011 with JUUL quickly becoming one of the most popular e-cigarette products. The product was […]

The “Upstream” Approach & Primary Prevention

Upstream Video Grab-crop

Providing young people with appropriate information and education sooner rather than later may not save the world, but it could help us get pretty darn close! My sister is a Public Health major and I remember the first time she explained the difference between primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention to me. She immediately used the […]

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