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Two engaging, interactive & flexible options for your students.


Live Virtual

Did you know that virtual options can increase student engagement?

How do we bring engaging, candid discussions to students on tough to discuss topics without being face-to-face? Easy, do it virtually! Students get the full blended learning approach (pre & post tests, eLearning, etc) but the PRESENTATION is a synchronous remote learning experience via Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Our educators are still able to answer questions, conduct polls, even put the class in rooms for small group work if the in-person program calls for it!

We've found that students seem more comfortable asking questions in a "chat" since it's more anonymous!

This is Dan, one of our educators to tell you a little more about our LIVE VIRTUAL delivery option:


Online Interactive

A perfect asynchronous option!

Our asynchronous Online Interactive Programs provides the flexibility to cover this content at your pace. All of the blended learning content (pre & post tests, eLearning, etc) as well as a recording of our live presentation are housed in our Learning Management System (LMS). All of the content is easily accessed in the LMS, so teachers can assign tasks with a specific due date then students can login to complete the assignment. Now the big question, if it's online how can students get their questions answered? We do offer a LIVE Q&A session with an educator. After the students complete the program, our educators will be available to answer any questions they have on a scheduled Zoom meeting!

Since all of the content that students will work on are in the Learning Management System (LMS), you may be wondering what that EXPERIENCE will look like.

LMS Dashboard Example
Pre-Test Example
Example eLearn
Example Interactive pdf
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