In order for Candor Health Education to more deeply impact the communities we serve, the Candor Health Education board has embarked on a strategic transformation. Established in 1974 to educate young people about their bodies, Candor Health Education is proud of the nearly 6 million alumni who have learned science-based health education from our educators. The knowledge and skills we provide empower youth to live happy, healthy lives.

Today--as young people are faced with many pressures we didn’t encounter in our own adolescence--the work we do is more challenging and important than ever before. In order to more deeply impact the children we educate, we ask for your financial support. The donation you make to Candor Health Education contributes to enhanced curriculum, innovative delivery models, and opportunities for disadvantaged students all over Chicagoland to make better-informed choices.

Your support has the potential to save a life, change a family, transform a community.

Does your company match contributions?

Many companies match their employees contributions to non-profits. Here is the documentation needed if your company is willing to match!

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