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Technology has found its place within teen sexuality.

We know technology is everywhere...but have you thought how technology has impacted how teens view themselves, sexuality and even sex? With the increase and access of use, so too demands the explanations about what it all means and the long term effects that may go along with technology.

Three areas of use to explore:

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Social Media

Social media platforms are designed to make people want to come back over and over again.

We know that studies have shown that social media can be considered addictive. As with anything that can become addictive, it shouldn't be taken lightly. Social media does have an impact on how young people view themselves, others and the world around them.

Learn more about how social media impacts young people.

Teachers, parents and students use these interactive resources:

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Explicit Content

Teachers, parents and students use these interactive resources:

Where do many young people prefer to get info about their bodies, sex and relationships? ONLINE.

Explicit sexual content (or pornography) is easier than ever to access. Did you know that viewing pornography at a young age can change brain chemistry? More and more young people have access to this explicit content without understanding what it all means.

Learn more about the impact of viewing explicit content.
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