Candor Health Education is a nonprofit organization that educates students, their trusted adults and communities on the topics of drug and sex education.  We provide science- based information in a safe, engaging environment so students gain age-appropriate knowledge which prepares them to make informed decisions that positively impact their health.


To positively impact the physical, social and emotional health of youth through innovative education programs in partnership with parents, schools and communities.


All youth in our communities possess the knowledge, attitudes and skills to make decisions that positively impact their physical, social and emotional health throughout their lives.


Everything that the Candor Health Education does will adhere to the following four core values:

Past, Present...

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and Future:

Candor Health Education has a strong history of working with community partners to respond to emerging health issues. In recent years, programs have been developed for the special needs community, the non-English speaking population and to address the growing heroin epidemic. These innovative, interactive programs are proven to increase social-emotional skill building and scientific understanding of the sort of risk-taking behavior that can negatively impact health. Research shows that students are better prepared to make healthy choices after receiving these prevention health programs.
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