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Puberty & Development Information

The Facts:


Average Start:
11 Years Old

For girls, puberty usually starts
around age 11.
But it can start as early as
age 6 or 7.

Average Start:
12 Years Old

For boys, puberty begins
around age 12.
It can start as early
as age 9.

Puberty is a Process

It occurs for several years.

Average End:
14 Years Old

Most girls finish puberty by age 14.

Average End:
16 Years Old

Most boys finish puberty at age 15 or 16.

Precocious Puberty or Early Puberty

A study published in Pediatrics in 2010 found that among a population of 1,200 American girls,
about 23 percent of African-Americans,15 percent of Latinas and 10 percent of Caucasian girls had begun
puberty (marked by breast development) at age 7.

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