Legal Does Not Mean Safe

Marijuana is in the news daily.  While only a few states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, many others, including Illinois, permit its medical use.  These new laws have caused many young people to believe that marijuana is safe.  To make informed decisions about marijuana use, parents and young people should understand the facts. Many […]

Train Your Brain for Happiness

In our culture, the word “stressed” is too often used to describe how we’re feeling. One in five 9-17 year olds are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder each year. How can we become calmer, more positive, even happier people, and help our kids to be happier as well? According to Shawn Achor, professor of Positive […]

Programs to be Taught 100% In-Schools

In the Fall of 2017, The Robert Crown Center for Health Education (RCC) will shift to 100% in-school delivery and discontinue the “field trip” model that was once part of the RCC tradition. This change comes as a result of customer feedback and the organization’s commitment to providing cost-effective, science-based health education to the greatest […]

Parents Can – and Should – Play a Key Role in Preventing Teen Substance Abuse

Substance abuse takes varied forms and affects individuals of all ages in our community. Because of the heightened coverage and devastating effects, let’s focus on opioids: heroin and prescription pain pills and the impact on young people. From the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: One in four teens reports having abused a prescription drug at least […]


Take a look at a short video for an overview of our new puberty programming: This class picks up where Understanding Changes leaves off, focusing on the effects of the changes that occur during puberty. With additional information on both the male and female anatomy, students will explore the concept of respect for themselves and others. Difficult topics such as […]