Before You Say It, Don’t

“I would never wear that outfit, but you look so good!” “Oh you’re going to McDonald’s? I stopped eating fast food. You know your metabolism will slow down eventually, right?” “You know boys won’t like you if you act to desperate. You should play hard to get.” “Stop throwing the ball like that. You are […]


Donate to End Period Poverty

The cost of menstrual products (estimated $250-300/year for the average woman) is probably not on your mind today, but it is on the heart of the staff at Candor Health Education in Hinsdale. Recent research found that almost two-thirds of low income women in the U.S. could not afford menstrual products in the last year, while […]


The Puberty Talk, the Sex Talk, and Timing

I was a weird kid. Not like, put spaghetti on my head during dinner just to get a laugh weird; more like asking my mom random questions that she didn’t see coming weird. Take for example, the time I asked her what semen was. My poor parents. Cornered by a child who wouldn’t stop asking questions. I asked my mom questions about pubic […]


Just Because They Can Doesn’t Mean They Do

Understanding of adolescent decision making has moved beyond simple “age differences in risk perception and reasoning” to include relevant social and emotional factors that directly inform when and how adolescents make decisions about everything from substance use to condom use.[i] Adolescence is defined as the period between which “physiologically normal puberty” initiates and adulthood begins.[ii] […]

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A Case for Comprehensive Sex Ed

In Illinois, the Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act (Senate Bill 818) was enacted in August 2021.  This legislation creates personal health and safety standards for grades K-5 and updates and expands sex education standards in grades 6-12.  These standards will be shared with schools by August 1, 2022. The Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy […]