Opioids and Young People

Though the opioid epidemic has been well publicized, the landscape of this epidemic is ever evolving and changing; and ultimately the prevalence of these harmful drugs persists. So how do we support our young people in developing an awareness and understanding of the dangers of opioids? Increased education. It appears that young people are more […]


Self-Advocacy in Children

Whether at home, in healthcare, the classroom, or the workplace the importance of self-advocacy is undeniable. However, even for an adult, self-advocating isn’t always easy. The ability to “speak-up for [ourselves] and the things that are important to [us]” is a necessary life skill. As young people’s trusted adults we can both teach and model […]


Considering Gender Combined Sex Education

For many students, their first experience with school-based sex education happens in fourth or fifth grade with a lesson(s) about puberty. While not widespread, some schools include age – appropriate sex education beginning in kindergarten. My first career was in early childhood education and I found it was common to have daily interactions with the […]


Reframing Failure

With students well into a new school year and exploring the excitement of new learning opportunities, friendships, and extra curriculars it is inevitable that at some point, they will hit a bump in the road and experience a setback or failure.    As human beings, especially kids, we sometimes tie self-worth or our value to […]

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Lesser-Known Facts about Sex Education

Learning about our bodies and how they work is important. Learning how to take care of our bodies is no less important. Whether it is staying active, watching what we eat, cleaning our teeth, finding a way to destress, or any other important health routine, we learn how to be our healthiest – physically, emotionally, […]

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What Are We Teaching Young People About Alcohol?

Young people are inundated with messages about alcohol.  Research says that annually young people are exposed to over 1,000 advertisements for alcohol, not including references to alcohol in the songs they are listening to, or alcohol-related content in the shows they are watching. One message about alcohol that is coming through loud and clear to […]