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Different Viewpoints: How Sex Education (or the lack of) Translates to College Campuses

During my years at Illinois State, I have been building my knowledge on various topics related to health, wellness, and sex education. My passion for these topics drew me into joining ISU’s Student Wellness Ambassador Team (SWAT), which is comprised of student volunteers (from diverse backgrounds/majors) who receive continual training from Health Promotion and Wellness […]

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Teen Vaping Rates on the Decline

The year 2020 was one that brought a number of lasting memories.  Although many of them seemed to be negative, there was a shining light of hope for the future.  For the first time since 2016, data showed that vape (e-cigarette) use among teenagers had declined. The National Youth Tobacco Survey showed a sharp decline […]

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What They’re Saying: Interview

INTERVIEW: Jessica Wrubel – Hester Junior High We were able to catch-up with Jessica Wrubel from Hester Junior High to learn a little bit about her thoughts on Health Education, the programming they’ve implemented at their school and what she believes makes a health education program effective. Thank you, Jessica for taking the time to […]

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Online Interactivity & Safety

What adult has not heard the sigh from a young person who has just been reminded of the need to be cautious around others they meet? The sigh is often followed by the young person’s frustrating reassurance, “Don’t worry, I’ve got this.” The drive for independence is a natural part of human development as is […]

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Coping During a Pandemic & the Risks

We all realize that these are “unique” times (to say the least). The pandemic has certainly brought to light some challenges for everyone whether it is personal, professional or a combination of both. While some may say it has been a great opportunity to stay home and spend more time with family, others have realized […]

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Importance of Sex/Drug Ed During Unprecedented Times

There are five main sources where students may learn about sexual health and drugs: school, friends, family, media, and their environment. Many schools offer programs focusing on these important topics, allowing students to have access to information from reliable sources. Recently, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more students have been learning through online classes and […]


Adapting to a New Normal

As we approach the new school year, more and more schools are moving online to protect the health of students and staff. This can be a tough transition for both students and parents, as this is a social issue we have never previously encountered on this scale. As a current college student, the past 4 […]