Becoming an “Askable Adult”

One of the most common pieces of advice that is given to parents, guardians, teachers, grandparents, and others alike is to be an “askable adult”. Quite simply: An adult that young people see as approachable, and they feel comfortable asking any question. When kids are young, the “askable adult” role is easy! “Why is the […]


Sex Education Legislation Changes

Many of our School Partners, Community Members and Parents are asking about the recent sex education legislation signed by Governor Pritzker on August 20th, Senate Bill 818.  We are reaching out to assure you that Candor Health Education has the programming available to meet the requirements of the bill as well as offer some suggestions […]


Disposable Menstrual Products: Impact and Alternatives

Recently, an increased awareness among consumers surrounding the potential health and environmental impacts of “traditional” menstrual products has driven new public discourse in favor of more feasible, affordable, and sustainable alternatives. Examples of these products include reusable menstrual cups/disks, absorbent underwear/swimwear, reusable fabric pads, and disposable pads/tampons that are made with organic and ethically sourced […]


Support the REACH Act

Recently I was with my sister and her two young grandsons.  Peggy needed to use the restroom and the boys joined her.  Two-year-old Jack said, “You don’t have a penis, right Grandma?” To which my sister replied, ”No, I don’t.“ Then Jack said, “You have a vulva because you are a girl, right?” My sister […]