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Recently I was with my sister and her two young grandsons.  Peggy needed to use the restroom and the boys joined her.  Two-year-old Jack said, “You don’t have a penis, right Grandma?” To which my sister replied, ”No, I don’t.“ Then Jack said, “You have a vulva because you are a girl, right?” My sister […]

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Consent Lays the Foundation

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and we are once again reminded of the importance of sexual health education to help prevent sexual assault. Sexual health education is typically thought of as a class taught in middle school or high school with information on preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). However, the reality is […]

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The Keys to Ending “Period Poverty”

According to The World Bank, on any given day nearly 800 million people are menstruating, yet many people lack the necessary sanitation products needed to manage their periods.  This lack of supplies is known as “period poverty” and affects millions of people in the United State and across the globe.  Why does period poverty exist?  […]

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Different Viewpoints: How Sex Education (or the lack of) Translates to College Campuses

During my years at Illinois State, I have been building my knowledge on various topics related to health, wellness, and sex education. My passion for these topics drew me into joining ISU’s Student Wellness Ambassador Team (SWAT), which is comprised of student volunteers (from diverse backgrounds/majors) who receive continual training from Health Promotion and Wellness […]

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Teen Vaping Rates on the Decline

The year 2020 was one that brought a number of lasting memories.  Although many of them seemed to be negative, there was a shining light of hope for the future.  For the first time since 2016, data showed that vape (e-cigarette) use among teenagers had declined. The National Youth Tobacco Survey showed a sharp decline […]

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What They’re Saying: Interview

INTERVIEW: Jessica Wrubel – Hester Junior High We were able to catch-up with Jessica Wrubel from Hester Junior High to learn a little bit about her thoughts on Health Education, the programming they’ve implemented at their school and what she believes makes a health education program effective. Thank you, Jessica for taking the time to […]