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Helping Your Kids Manage Stress

Stress is the body’s response to the challenges around us.  While some stress can be beneficial, long-term stress can cause many problems and have significant short- and long-term consequences on physical and emotional health. For adolescents, the physical response to stress kicks in a lot more quickly as the part of their brain that can […]


Reflecting on the Past Year

We’re a few weeks out from the new year, and with a new year typically comes a chance to reflect – as individuals and as an organization. While every year comes with its challenges, 2022 has also left Candor Health Education with a lot to be proud of (as you’ll read below), and we wanted […]

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What To Know Before You Ghost

The title of this article might prompt the reader to think it would have been more appropriate for the Halloween season but the timing of it is actually more apt in this current season of good will toward all and making resolutions for the better. The topic is humans and the relationships we create with […]


Informed Decisions

As both a Health Educator and a parent of school aged children myself, I often find myself getting questions or in conversation with friends, family and fellow parents about what we teach, how we answer certain questions, why we talk about certain topics in our programs and if they are age appropriate.  One of these […]


No Still Means No

The argument for going beyond this phrase to teach consent as a life skill to empower and protect our kids I wish teaching our children consent were in fact as simple as teaching them to freely say ‘No’ while also teaching them to respect someone saying ‘No’ to them. While there is still great value […]

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Healthy Habits for Healthy Brains

Habits can make or break us. Cambridge Dictionary defines a habit as “something that you do often and regularly, sometimes without knowing that you are doing it.”[1] Good habits set us down the path of success in all parts of life, while bad habits can take years (even decades) to break. As the school year […]